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Parents In Education The Parents of Students

At K.R. MANGALAM, the parents of the students play an equally important role as teachers in the positive development of the child.

Parents In Education

Parents are a big human resource for the school. With their varied life experience and fields they are working in, parents working hand in hand with the school authorities’ helps school progress manifold. We at K.R. Mangalam World School, Gurgaon leave no stone unturned to tap this ocean of potential. The Parent Teacher Meetings which are a forum for parent interaction and participation in most of the schools but our association is much beyond this formal forum. The parents are an intrinsic part of our school activities.

Beginning from morning assemblies for classes III – XII, parents on a regular basis interact with students. A range of topics associated with their

  • 1Profession
  • 2Moral and ethical values
  • 3Daily life experiences
  • 4Childhood stories and success stories are shared with them

The parents contribute in a big way to shape up the assemblies for the tiny tots of class Nursery – II. Educators’ presentation is a unique concept in which teachers and parents work together. They showcase lives and works of our leaders, instill values through short stories, educate students through various art forms and make them aware of reasons behind celebrating different festivals.

Class presentations, special occasion like Annual Day and Sports Day cannot be imagined without the involvement of the parents. Behind the scenes as well as guests of honor the parents and school are intertwined to make the events successful. The school conducts intra-class competitions, inter house competitions, inter school competitions regularly. The parents contribute in conducting the events as well as judging the events.

Workshops for students by parents related areas in which they expertise are often held in the school. The workshops are relevant to the age group like adolescence issues, stress management, mathematics phobia etc. Since the school has a pool of career experts who are in the field to guide and counsel the young adults, we do not let go the opportunity. Career Fair is a regular feature of the school during which renowned psychologists and parents from different fields interact with the students giving them the right feedback related to various options available.

Parents contribute their own knowledge and skills at all levels, to assist in the child’s learning and to support the school’s goal of together towards tomorrow.