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Career Counselling Nurturing Career at K.R.Mangalam

JC Center for Career DEvelopment

Students are the blossoming flowers who need to be nurtured diligently for comprehensive development. Counseling is success-imperative when it comes to shaping the career path of students. KRM comprehends the value of guiding students with an unbiased approach to mould them into personalities that reverberate with their inner aura. It is crucial to introduce students to the career choices tailored to their interests and capabilities for building a happy, satisfactory, and prosperous future.

Career Counselling

Our school conducts a multitude of career awareness programmes for students, enabling them to understand the nuances of the professional world from a nascent stage. We offer a 4-year programme on career guidance that exposes students to future prospects and unconventional career opportunities. Mr. Jatin Chawla, an eminent career counselor, offers the career development programme at K.R. Mangalam World School in Gurugram. Leveraging his expertise and stellar experience, he guides students from all walks of life, including higher studies and career decisions. Mr. Chawla creates a compassionate environment to connect with students, fading away their fears and dilemmas for a fruitful and unprejudiced counseling session.

This program includes:

  • Aptitude Testing
  • Individual Counselling
  • Career Path designing
  • CV writing
  • Profile building
  • Interview readiness
  • PSAT Diagnostic exam
  • visits to various Career Fairs in Indian/International universities
Career Counselling

Counseling sessions at school assist students to determine their future goals and make a road map to achieve those goals with sheer determination and confidence under expert guidance. Besides, these sessions motivate students to excel in their future by making informed decisions and bursting myths and anxieties. Along with students, these counseling sessions also involve parents to provide them all updates on upcoming workshops and guidance sessions.