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Pre Primary Wing Curriculum and Pedagogy

“Learning gives Creativity; Creativity leads to Thinking; Thinking provides Knowledge; Knowledge makes you Great.”

Education at KRM is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum in varied domains that takes into account the heterogeneity of the students and their learning capabilities. The school focuses on child-centric education and offers project-based, experiential, and progressive learning. To facilitate the optimum development of the child’s potential; the school practices the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) curriculum and pedagogy. KR Mangalam Gurgaon School One of the Best Nursery School in Gurgaon for quality education for kids.


The curriculum describes the ‘What’ that is to be taught and pedagogy describes the ‘How’ of learning. Our classrooms feature smart boards and multimedia components that create a conducive learning ambiance to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Nursery School In Gurgaon

The pedagogical practices adopted by the school include activities and experiences in the given domains:

  • 1Language and Literacy Development: – Language and Literacy are the major domains of early childhood education as they not only develop communication skills but also enable children to read and write. The school adopts a highly acclaimed phonics-based approach for language literacy which enhances the linguistic and creative skills of the students.
  • 2Motor Development: – Motor development experiences and activities are cited as one of the prime aspects of learning and development in the Early Years of Education. We provide a whole spectrum of motor development opportunities to young minds to improve their sense of coordination, control, and movement.
  • 3Creative Development: – We believe that critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities are integral facets of a dynamic personality. As creativity fosters cognitive and social development, the school focuses primarily on creative mechanisms to unleash the boundaries of imagination, empowering students to express themselves inimitably. We at KRM intend to imbibe rational decision-making skills in our students through art integrated learning modules.
  • 4Cognitive Development: – Cognitive Development in children strengthens their learning skills such as attention, memory, logic, and problem-solving through hands-on learning. Children are equipped with Montessori aids and puzzles, which encourage exploratory learning and spark curiosity in mathematical thinking.


  • Montessori Lab – The focus here is on ‘Teach me to do it myself. The Early Childhood Montessori environment for children is designed to work with an absorbent mind, where they are empowered and encouraged to be independent so that they can work at their own pace and their own level.
  • HOLA (Hands on Learning Activities) Room – Theme and concept-based activities are being conducted here for the active engagement of students, enabling them to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical mode. These activities are planned to enrich the curriculum.
  • Parent Cooperative programs – We believe that a strong partnership between parents and teachers plays a significant role in the overall development of the child; hence we conduct educational workshops for parents, encouraging them to volunteer themselves for any innovative program/workshop.
  • Motor Sensory Play Area – Play promotes cognitive growth, motor skills, and fosters social interaction. Children learn through their senses so the learning opportunities here, develop their sensory-motor skills and creativity.


Nursery, LKG, UKG and Class I
No formal examination will be held for these classes. The school will follow a system of assessment through a checklist of assignments and observational activities to develop a sense of curiosity and the desire to explore. KR Mangalam Gurgaon School One of the Best Nursery School In Gurgaon for quality education for kids