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Primary Wing Curriculum and Pedagogy

“An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.”

The Primary wing is the second stepping ladder which caters to Grades II-V. The Primary school underpins the vision ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’ and ignites the young minds with the right knowledge and skills for a bright future. The curriculum at this level is a balance of curricular subjects and co-curricular activities aiming at the holistic development of a child’s personality. KR Mangalam Gurgaon School One of the Best Best Primary Schools In Gurgaon for quality education for kids.


The school follows the guidelines as outlined in NEP 2020. Within a structured framework, the curriculum allows flexibility to incorporate the unique needs and interests of children while delivering an integrated learning experience. The curriculum engages students in a manner to discover their full potential and thus preparing them to be a game-changer for the future. KR Mangalam Gurgaon School One of the Best Best Primary Schools In Gurgaon for quality education for kids.

primary schools in gurgaon
primary schools in gurgaon

At KR Mangalam, we emphasize Nurturing Learning in the students which include:

  • 1.Experiential Learning
  • 2.Project-Based Learning
  • 3.STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Mathematics) Learning
  • 4.Honing Multiple Intelligences
  • 5.PSPE (Personal Social and Physical Education)
  • 6.Activity Based Learning

The primary students reflect the keen sense of differentiating between things and develop their own perspectives, giving them a relevant yet unique identity. At this stage, we inculcate the culture of learning by questioning concepts, lessons, and methodologies in a bid to attain cognitive knowledge of subjects. KRM leverages on emerging and interactive technologies combined with experiential learning to simplify concepts and optimize the retention power in students. Such an enabling environment provides equal growth opportunities for students to accumulate unlimited wisdom on a global front.


We follow an integrated curricular approach with activity-based learning that facilitates the development of a healthy and irresistible personality. The curricular subjects are transacted through project methods and activities making learning joyful.

The core subjects offered are:

  • 1English
  • 2Hindi
  • 3Mathematics
  • 4Science
  • 5Social Science
  • 6Computer Science
  • 7General Knowledge
  • 8EVS (upto Grade II)

In Grade V, students are introduced to a third language. They may choose any of the following languages:

  • 1German
  • 2French
  • 3Sanskrit


  • Dedicated Parent-Student App
  • Daycare facility with a safe and stimulating environment
  • 360-degree feedback platform
  • Parent engagement through workshops, seminars, talk series, motivational talks
  • Learning exchange programmes across the globe
  • Well stocked library, amphitheatre, and a 400-seater auditorium
  • Smartboard-enabled classrooms with the latest teaching aids
  • Continuous teacher training program to acquaint teachers with new teaching aids
  • A perfect blend of scholastic and co-scholastic activities
  • Student-Teacher ratio – 14:1
  • Education beyond books through hands-on learning, project-based, and research-based learning
  • Dedicated classes for chess, gymnastics, taekwondo, yoga, aerobics on a regular timetable
  • Selection of Primary wing Student Council every year to develop leadership skills
  • Various intra-class, inter-house, inter-school competitions and Olympiads conducted throughout the year
  • Visits, excursions, and international trips to help students expand their horizons and understand the real, multicultural world
  • Annual events like Bal Mela, Carnival, Sports Day, Leadership camp, exhibitions, etc. are organized
  • Music and dance, including both Indian and western forms
  • Art and Craft activities to develop creativity and joy in classrooms
  • Indoor games such as Chess, Table Tennis are practiced in the respective activity rooms
  • Outdoor games such as golf, volleyball, badminton, skating, and lawn tennis are practiced regularly
  • Fitness activities such as yoga, taekwondo, gymnastics, skating, etc.

Clubs like:

  • Rang Manch – Dramatics Club
  • ECO Warriors – Environmental Awareness Club
  • Mighty Chondria – Science club
  • Artsy-Craftsy – Art Club
  • Dharohar – Heritage Club
  • Happy Feet – Dance Club
  • Word Power and Scrabble – Literary Club
  • Matheletes – Maths Club
  • SYMPHONY – Music Club
  • Health League – Yoga Club


A one-month project on the Australian Exchange Program was undertaken for Grade III through which students of both schools K R Mangalam World School, Gurgaon, and Red Hill Primary School, Australia got an opportunity to learn about culture, language, food, and festivals of the other country. They also experienced what school life looks like in another part of the world. This project was an insightful experience for the students that added value to their international cultural awareness.


Grade II & III

Besides a system of assessment through assignments and observational activities, there is one cycle of Unit Test (formal assignment) of 25 marks in each Term and another cycle of Internal assessment of 25 marks for each subject. Internal assessment includes reading, creative writing, recitation, comprehension, mental maths, general awareness, and map reading.

Grade IV & V

The academic session is divided into terms: April- September and October- March. There is one cycle of Unit Test(formal assignment) of 30 marks and Subject Enrichment Activity of 20 marks in each Term. Term assessment of 50 marks is conducted at the end of each term.